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“Great work! Very personable staff. Great communication. Solid work. Goes the extra mile and looks over the rest of the car when in for service.”

“Honest and efficient service. Friendly hometown family business. Always nice to go there.”

“Great prices. Friendly helpful service and flexible schedules make Joe Davis AutoSport a place I will return to.” -Dan

“I have been using Joe Davis for about six months. I had a major engine repair done by another shop on my 2002 Volvo XC70 which was not done properly. They were able to review the work done with the previous shop and completely redo the repair perfectly. I also have a 2000 Volvo S70 which they now service. The entire team there is professional, friendly, and takes the time to explain what is going on with your vehicle. Don’t take your Volvo anywhere else!”

“Joe Davis AutoSport continues to exceed my expectations, timeliness, quality and price.” -Dan

“Joe Davis AutoSport is a rare find! Not only is the service excellent and trustworthy, but the staff makes you feel like your car is the only car that matters. More than once they have proven to be more honest than the dealership where we purchased our vehicles… finding ways to save us money without compromising the safety of our cars. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”

“The Joe/Cindi Davis Team has been caring for our cars since we moved In the area 11 years ago. They have always been conscientious, caring, considerate, knowledgeable, professional and fair. We love working with them!”

“I can’t say enough great things about the folks at Joe Davis. Everyone I have met there has been kind, courteous, patient and understanding. They go out of their way to make every experience a positive one. Dependable, honest, experienced. Great place to get great service!!”

” I received your message and you’re right “No News Is Good News” The Mini is running great! Your service on the Mini was excellent. I have to commend Nate for going out of his way to deal with the warranty company and keeping me informed. I really appreciated that. I’m happy to see that your business is doing well. Well, as a new customer I will be seeing you soon. Thanks again for the great service!” – Kent

“ Everything you want from an auto repair shop. Skill, integrity, flexibility, professionalism, customer service. Need I say more? Plus family owned and operated.!” – John

“ The whole staff is very friendlv, polite, and honest. As a customer they make me feel special and important and not just another customer in line. They are very thorough explaining the problem of my car and how they are going to fix it. I’m very confident taking my car to them with out any worries. They take care of my car as if it was their own. They send you email reminders and coupons which is a plus to me. I wish they were open Saturdays.!” – Leah

“ I priced the work I needed at a Volvo dealer and AutoSport did the job at a considerable savings and gave me a loaner car for the day. They gave my car a very complete going over. Joe Davis AutoSport is a top notch auto repair shop. I’m glad I discovered them.!” – Thanks

“Everything was impeccable. I can’t speak highly enough about each one of you that makes Joe Davis AutoSport the best experience in car repair! Thanks a million!” – Margie

“Since we started having all our vehicles serviced by Joe Davis AutoSport we feel totally confident with their mechanics and pleasant staff. Their service is exceptional, as usual.” – Richard

“As always, Joe Davis AutoSport is the Best! Service is professional and employees are more courteous to customers than any place I’ve ever gone! Once you go to Joe Davis you won’t go anywhere else. I high recommend these guys the absolute best service you can get! Thank you!” – Ray

“Thank you for the time and care everyone in you shop puts into keeping our cars in excellent running shape. Your friendliness and car knowledge are both much appreciated and we both enjoy reading your monthly newsletter. It is a real pleasure to bring our business to Joe Davis AutoSport!” – Barbara & Bill

“Thanks for the email back and all of your help. As a business owner myself, I must say I was very impressed with the service I was provided with and the way I was treated. Joe Davis AutoSport are doing things right! Thanks again and I look forward to working with you guys in the future.” – Ryan

“I am extremely busy and Joe Davis AutoSport has once again accommodated my schedule. They catered to my needs immediately and inspected my car along with changing my oil while I waited, all in very short notice. That’s why I travel nearly 40 miles to their shop. These people understand how to satisfy their customers by meeting their customer’s needs. THANK YOU Cindi, Joe and the staff at Joe Davis AutoSport.” – Brian

“You guys are really a unique auto repair shop. You do a phenomenal job at keeping your clients as a family, so well informed. I love your newsletters and all the benefits and savings you offer your customers. Coupons, points for every dollar, etc. I know all about customer service and I am impressed with all you do and all the hard work involved. It really shows. Thanks so much for your efforts.” – Jeremy

“I took my old Volvo wagon to Joe Davis shortly before a trip to Canada. I didn’t give them much time to get the car ready, but AS ALWAYS they had the car up, running, and dependable for my 500+mile trip (each way!) I can’t say enough about how wonderful these people are!! Joe Davis AutoSport is always kind, courteous, prompt and dependable. There is nowhere else that I would take my cars because I know I can count on them. These guys are the best!” – Andrea

“I received a follow-up call from your shop inquiring on the work you did on my Volvo. I’ve been away and the cars sits in the garage but I did drive it for a week before I went away and there was no problem with it so far. It is doing just fine. I want to thank you for caring about the work you do. The Volvo shoop never called me. Thanks again. I should see you soon about the front end work” – Larry

“As a SAAB and Volvo owner I am so glad a friend referred me to them. The loaner vehicle makes life a lot easier, and I really trust these guys with my cars. Nate is a most important asset with a rare combination of knowledge, patience, and flawless customer service. If you live in the Pennridge area, this should be your shop!”

“Joe Davis AutoSport – THE BEST! Want the best in professional factory service with the added touch of an upbeat and friendly staff? Look no further than Joe Davis. You will be happy that you chose Joe Davis AutoSport” –Paul

“The service at Joe Davis AutoSport is incredible. They are the friendliest staff I have ever encountered at any auto repair I’ve dealt with. They are knowledgeable and fair and go above and beyond to help you understand the repairs.” –Will

“If I got service like this every where I went I’d be a happy man!” –Steve

“I’m so glad Joe Davis AutoSport was recommended to me years ago. They keep my older car running smoothly and don’t pressure me into unnecessary repairs. I can count on them to tell me when something absolutely needs to be fixed, or that I can wait until a late date. All my questions are answered promptly and you couldn’t ask for a more friendly environment. If you want a shop you can trust, chose Joe Davis.” – Maria

“Excellent service. Just moved to the area and needed a car mechanic service. I appreciated their thorough assessment of my 2000 Honda Accord. It gave me peace of mind. Honest and quality service. Their prices are very reasonable and fair. I am a selective person and could not have been more pleased. I will be back. 5 Star all the way!!” – Heather

“I drove all the way up the 309 bypass in overdrive. That’s 2 miracles. 1. It didn’t fall out of overdrive by itself. 2. I didn’t have to kick it out of overdrive myself. That engine must be really sensitive to vacuum leaks. And if I’m not imagining: 3. It smells much better. I have to scoot around a lot this week and noticed: 4. No problems shifting. 5. No clunks from the rear end. 6. The engine starts like it means it. 7. My oil slicks are looking rather dull. 8. The idle is so smooth sometimes I think it stalled. You guys really nailed this repair job. Thanks!” – Dan

“Thank you so much for taking care of me and my car. I love you guys! You are trustworthy, reliable, and run a great business. I really appreciate you looking at my car last Thursday. I hope you all know how much you are appreciated by your customers. Every time I drive my car I think of you all.” – Paige

“Worth Every Penny! The staff at Joe Davis AutoSport are professional, incredibly friendly, timely, and most of all honest. They are the first auto mechanics that I have had that explains everything in detail and does not make me pay for service/parts I don’t need unless they are necessary. They educate me, inform me, and give honest recommendations. This “Mom & Pop” exemplifies the true American Spirit of how a business should run! Joe Davis AutoSport will be around forever. No “big box” or dealerships will ever put them out of business. Our Volvo and Audi are blessed to have them! Special Thanks to the owners and staff!”

“This is the type of repair shop you always hope to find but rarely do. They’re ridiculously honest and do everything they can do to make something as unpleasant as getting your car fixed a positive experience. They specialize in SAAB, Volvo & Imports. They did a great job with my Honda as well! They do outstanding work!”

“Thanks again for your excellent work. I really appreciate the manner in which your business was conducted and how patient Nate was in explaining to me the problem & repairs needed. It‚s a relief it is fixed, and you were right! Your team’s years of experience definitely show. ” – Tony

“We feel blessed to have you work on our vehicles. It was so thoughtful of you to pick me up and so kind of Nate yesterday to take care of my wife´s situation while she waited.

Nothing seems to be too much. You just don´t find people and places like your shop anymore. It wasn´t necessary for you to call me and thank me for the goody basket, we just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you. ” – Randy

“I am ecstatic! My Mercedes is unbelievable and greatly improved. I’ve been telling everyone and singing praises about your shop. I’m so glad I found you. Thanks for the follow up call, I really appreciate it. I’ll be back! ” – John

“Joe Davis AutoSport is a great independent SAAB/Volvo Import Service Center located in Perkasie PA between Philadelphia and Allentown. This garage is the reason I bought a used SAAB 9-3 for our son. Having never owned a Saab before, they were very helpful in telling me what to look for when shopping for a used one. Since I bought a used Saab 9-3 they have performed all the maintenance, and I have been very pleased with all their work and pricing. They are so pleasant and knowledgeable that I now take all my cars to them for service.” – Pete

“Everyone at your shop has always been up front and honest, and very helpful, which is why I continue to bring our vehicles to you!” – Steve

Thanks For The Kind Words…

Compliments—- The very best words in life. They lift us, encourage us, and brighten our spirits. They help us grow, and make us realize just how important our words are. Every month we share your kind words. This month it’s our turn to share our kind words.We would like to sincerely share with everyone just how much they have meant to all of us. Many of you have taken the time out of your busy day to show your appreciation by jotting us a note or just telling us in person. Helping people is why Joe Davis AutoSport originated and is what our team strives for. Boosting our moral and putting a simple smile on our faces is priceless and means more than you know.

It is the little things in life that mean so much…..

Thanks to you for our continued success…
Joe, Cindi, Ryan, Nate, Kaylin, Adam, Pat & Nik

“Sitting here watching, I can see that you guys really do an excellent job with customer service. I definitely plan to bring my car back. Thanks so much for everything today.”

“Congratulations on the 20th Year Anniversary! I have been very impressed with the service and professionalism. ” Continued Success! -Juan

“Just a short note to say that everyone there did a super job on my V70. Love the tires! Even the inspection stickers were placed with perfection, clean & straight. Thank you all at Joe Davis AutoSport for your great workmanship and customer focus.”

“I discovered Joe Davis AutoSport while driving by on the way to the
post office. I dropped my car off for a brake job and was very pleased with the service, work done, conversation and “down home” friendliness of the people. No one better for car repairs.” – John

I’m sure you must have heard those funny Tappan brothers on the radio-Click & Clack. Well, they have a website, cartalk.com. Check it out. (Our shop is on it too!) I found this nice testimony:

“We buy Volvo’s & SAAB’s when they are about 7 years old. We always take them to Joe to be evaluated before buying. The repair costs are well under the cost of buying new. Joe & Cindi keep our 98 Volvo & 98 4Runner, daughter’s 99 Volvo and son’s 98 SAAB purring. They advise us when to buy used and when to buy new parts. We actually love to go see them. Be sure to greet Nate, the officer manager by name.”

We just love your newsletters! Always enjoy those interesting articles and tips. We really look forward to them every month! Keep them coming! -Gary

It is unfortunate that my car did not start and I had to get towed in, but
the fortunate part of it is that I am so happy now that I found you. I couldn’t be happier! You guys have been great! Everything happens for a reason. -Alicia

We were pleasantly surprised to receive this letter..

“Just thought I’d write a little poem. Thanks to you and your staff (that
seem like family) For all you do for the Killion fleet”! –Fondly, Ruth & Gary

Joe Davis and his crew Will keep your car running like new, They do their best keeping the costs down By offering coupons all over town. So if you haven’t tried them yet Give me a call, I’ll make you a bet. I’ll bet you will be back, just like me, To say: “Thanks for a great job!” Just try them and see.

How nice is that to take the time to sit down and write a poem for you auto repair shop. Who does that today? Well, Ruth Killion did! Truly a SPECIAL person!!

Thanks Ruth for taking the time out of your busy day. It meant so much to us.

The service you performed on my car (Envirotek top engine clean) absolutely helped! It doesn’t take oil like it used to. It definitely runs so much smoother now and has more power. It’s great. Thanks! -Yvonne

“I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to tell you in a note about your shop, but never took the time to write one, and now I finally am. The point I would like to make is that you have all been so helpful. The time you take to educate me about my car each visit is invaluable. My car stays problem free due to all your efforts. I’m grateful to you for your honesty and integrity. Thank you again so much for all you do for my car and for being the nicest people to deal with. I’m grateful to all of you. You are not only a business associate, but a friend to me too. Your kindness is generated to your customers. It is reciprocated by many, I’m sure!” -Gerri

“I have to tell you something, being a business man myself, you guys are really doing it right. This nice followup call, sending out monthly newsletters, it really shows you care. Unfortunately for me you are so far, which can’t be helped, but the free loaner car sure does. Can you do a favor and send me a reminder about using synthetic fluid next oil change? (We told him we were already on it, as he was in the computer ready to mail in 90 days.). Wow! You guys are great, see what I mean!” -William

“I am so glad that I found you guys. You are the best repair shop by far that I have ever been to, and you’re so close! You are all really great to work with!” -Robert

“It has been a week and the car has never been better. I wanted to express my thanks once again to you, and all the great folk up there. I will be seeing you fairly soon with my regular maintenance needs but wanted to copy you a post that I put up on Swedespeed.com.”

Best, and Take Care. -Paul G.

“Joe, Just a brief note to say; Thank-you for your help with the Maxima for my friend’s daughter. You’re a good man. Thanks again. If I can ever be of service—let me know.”

Sincerely, Bill

For the great folks at Joe Davis—“Truly kind people are hard to come by these days and I just wanted to say thanks and make you some breakfast. I really appreciate all you do!” (We were left with 2 delicious quiches and a loaf of homemade fruited bread-it was delicious and sooo thoughtful!) -Andrea

“I really appreciate the work you do on my vehicles and enjoy working with everyone. Joe and Cindi are very nice people. You guys have a great business!” -Pete

The Holiday Season Is A Time To Be Grateful-And We Truly Are.

We are grateful for our success here at Joe Davis AutoSport, and for
wonderful customers, such as you. It is because of your friendships and loyalty that we are here today. Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes for a Safe and Healthy New Year from Everyone here at Joe Davis AutoSport. – Joe, Cindi, Nate, Ryan, Kaylin, Luke, Adam, Sean, and Pat.

** We Look Forward To Sharing 2009 With You!!** “We would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to follow us along on our Harley Road Trip and blog across the USA! We arrived home safe and sound. We feel very blessed and fortunate to have had this experience of a lifetime. What a beautiful country we live in, with such friendly people. Truly, we all have so much to be thankful for even in these hard economic times. “Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they did not stop to enjoy it.” ” Our Best To All, Joe & Cindi

“Thanks for the excellent service this week on all our cars!” -Paul

“Thank-you for the great service. You will definitely have our returned business!” -Melissa

I’m calling to thank you and to tell you how much smoother my car is running. Amazing what a tune-up can do. I can’t believe I waited this long. I’m such a procrastinator. (my only bad point…ha ha!). My car and I can’t thank you enough. – Jim

I’m sorry you haven’t seen me recently. My job recently ended with a layoff of over 1,000 people, after 25 years of loyal service. I got a new job fairly quickly and it is a huge lifestyle change from working at home and traveling to putting on a suit and tie everyday at the crack of dawn and driving to New Jersey, not getting home until late evening. As a result, I can’t figure out how I could make it work to bring my car to you. I did not want to simply disappear especially after receiving your reminder letter and monthly newsletter. I have so appreciated dealing with you over these past few years. Perhaps I can find a way to utilize your shop again but until then, please accept my thanks and prayers for continued success and good health to all of us. Thank you, Cindi, for taking your time to reply. Your kind words, wishes and blessings are truly appreciated and very meaningful to me. I hope that our paths cross again! – Jeff

I really like doing business with Joe Davis Autosport. I feel very confident that my car is taken care of properly. I can always depend on their expertise, as well as getting all my questions answered. The extra plus, along with their prompt service, is the great conversations and laughs. I’ve picked up great tips on health, stress, children & other life subjects. Cindi impresses me with her organization and upbeat attitude. I am even getting good imitating my car noises with Nate! And Joe is the “SAAB Man”! It’s a car repair place I don’t even mind going to, because I enjoy being around the people. We love SAAB’s no matter what the age! – Marsha S

Our customer was very kind to complete our website survey. We really appreciate that he took the time, as we know how busy life is: “I just don’t know how to thank the folks at Joe Davis AutoSport. A combination of solid professionalism and excellent customer support makes it a great place to get my car serviced. I will never get Volvo serviced at any other place. Joe Davis is the place for me. Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face. I am not stressed about my car anymore, cause I know that Joe Davis is just a call away”

It is always sad when our customers move, but we are thankful for the opportunity to serve and enjoy such great people…this testimony meant so much to us: “I’ve got to say, this is the best shop I have ever been to. I’m going to really miss it, but don’t worry, even though I’m moving down south, I will be back. I’ll be sure to stop in and visit. Thanks for all the years of great service.”

“Joe Davis AutoSport and crew are doing a great job servicing our vehicles! They are very friendly and accommodating for quick service and repairs. We are so happy to have a great honest mechanic so close to home!”

Thanks for taking care of my friend. He told me how much he loved your shop and the work you performed on his car. He was very happy with the quick turn around time, considering his emergency situation. I will be glad to continue with referring your shop. – Alan

Thanks for your great service, positive attitudes and great smiles! It’s always a pleasure to come into your shop. Best regards- Pat

Thanks for the acknowledgement of appreciation. It’s easy to be loyal to people who are committed to their profession. Thanks again -RJ

“Your customer service is superb! It is what I do for a living and I know just how important it is. I really appreciated your concern. Even though I live up here in New England, you still called me to check on my car. It is running great. I appreciated you getting me in and out so quickly without an appointment. I was really lucky, as it could have been an expensive disaster, and you saved me! Many of my family and friends still live in the Souderton area. I am sure going to use you as an exellent referral. Thanks for calling.” – Lance

I drive a 1988 SAAB 900 Convertible with over 100,000 miles on it! You have taken care of us for 13 years… and still going! LOVE The SAAB – LOVE The Service!

Joe-Glad to hear you’re doing well! Frank & Jeanette DeMoreland

I have shared your monthly newsletter with many of my customers, who are also shop owners. I have told them “This is truly the way it should be done!” It shows how much Joe Davis AutoSport sincerely appreciates their customers-The Customer of The Month article and also acknowledging all your new customers in print. I really enjoy it! – John Sweeney (Import Parts Specialist)

On May 9th Joe Davis (owner) went into the hospital for a cardiac catheterization to surprisingly find out they would be keeping him overnight to perform quadruple by-pass surgery. Thankfully, he had no heart damage and has done remarkably well. Our staff thanks everyone who has expressed their cares and concerns, and with their patience at this time.
The following is a note personally from Joe…

“I would like to thank everyone that has called, sent cards, and has kept us in your thoughts and prayers. You have touched me deeply. When you have an event in your own life that is life changing, and you step back to reflect, it is then when it hits you the most. On this “Road of Life”, I have just passed the sign that says, “Road Narrows Ahead”. So live everyday to its fullest. And remember, tomorrow is promised to no one… Joe

“I just called to say thank-you. It felt like I was driving a new car on my way home!” -J. Adil

“Your service is always top notch. I am treated with equal respect to men (and those who know a lot more about cars and repairs than I do). I never feel like I am going to be tricked into a service I don’t need or want.” -E.S.

“I received your voice mail, letter, and estimate last week. Thank you for following up, as I always really appreciate that, due to my busy schedule. I was happy to recommend my friends, as they were happy with the service they received. Thanks Guys! You’re The Best!” -Joe

“Thank you very very much. I was really in a bad predicament yesterday and you guys really helped me out of it. I truly appreciate everything you guys did and have always done-That’s why I keep coming back to you, you always take good care of me” -Chris T.

“Over the past years I have been receiving your newsletters and I am really enjoying them. Often, I have though of calling, and finally after making an appointment and meeting your staff, I’m glad I did! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. You really took good care of me and my car. Thank-you!”

“One thing that sets your shop aside from the dealers is the option you gave me today. You repaired our headlight assembly opposed to replacing it, which the dealer would have just done, giving me no choice. You saved me $400.00!I really appreciate what you’ve done!” -Roger E.

“EXCELLENT SERVICE!—We were treated like old friends our first time there.”

“An act of kindness is long remembered……. Just a short note to thank all of you for your kindness & knowledge! I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful group of people who will take care of my children & I, by taking care of my van!” All my thanks-Sandy

“I’m calling to tell you I have truly appreciated all your great mail reminders for my car. I have recently just sold my SAAB and now own a Nissan. I’m not sure if you work on them but hopefully you do so we can continue to keep our relationship going. If you don’t, (we do) I’ll be glad to refer you to my friends, family & anyone I know because your service has always been outstanding as you are very customer service oriented. Thanks again for everything!” NOTE: We work on ALL make & model vehicles, specializing in SAABS, Volvos & Imports. As OUR THANKS, we offer our customers a $25.00 credit on any service for their referral.

“That ENVIROTEK FUEL INDUCTION service you did on my Volvo really worked! On my trip down South, I always stop at the same gas station each trip because my tank is always empty by then. But this time I was able to go another 130 miles! I was surprised how much it helped my gas mileage!” Robert B.

Our good customer, Norma, walked in our office and said “my friend, I referred, was so impressed with your shop & operation. She mentioned how nice, helpful and courteous Nate was. She was very happy with her service!” Nate has been our service writer for the past 5 years. Call us for an appointment, & we’re sure you, too, will agree!

“You guys have been great! My car is perfect. I’m going to tell all my friends at work & family about you. Thanks so much for everything!” -Brian C.

“My parents have been going to you guys for years to have their cars fixed, so I thought I would go to you guys, too, because they have always said nice things about your business. Nothing is wrong with my car- I just needed an inspection. Thank you very much!”

“Yesterday evening I was up the proverbial creek without a paddle. But I had the number for Joe Davis AutoSport. It was good to hear a friendly voice & a tone of genuine concern. Especially since I was as close to panicky as I could get! Despite how late it was, someone was immediately sent to help me. The patient young man stayed with me until the crisis was solved. As it turned out, the problem was something that I had messed up. Something that I am supposed to know how to do. Embarrassing. Forget about coupons, discounts, specials & marketing nonsense. Last night is the kind of thing that impressed the heck out of me. Thank you, Cindi and thank the young man.” -Dan

My very first visit to your shop was like I was in the “twilight zone”. Nowhere have I ever taken my car where the people were so warm and friendly and helpful. It was a great experience. – Laura E.

We really love you guys! We really appreciate when you help us through, as we’re trying to figure our finances – telling us what to do on our cars in order of priority. That’s why I told my mom about you. Thanks for the $25 referral fee. Every bit helps. Even if we moved away, we would somehow find a way to come back to you so you could work on our cars. – Stefanie W.

You guys are great and have great customer service. Thanks so much for your follow-up call. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done. – Kate

I own a Volvo and an Audi. The folks at Joe Davis Autosport have been great with the quality, speed, and price of routine maintenance and non-routine repairs. Their quote for replacing a timing belt was just over half of what some other garages wanted to charge.They are very friendly and helpful with any questions you may have. They went above and beyond what was expected on a basic repair. They took the time to give the rest of the car a thorough review and let me know of any future problem trouble spots. By far, the best place I’ve found to take my cars to. And, no, I am not associated with them in any way…just a happy customer.
(***** 5 star rating) Candice P.

We sincerely appreciate Mark P. who found us on YAHOO and took the time to write this thoughtful testimony: “The staff at Joe Davis Autosport are professional, incredibly friendly, timely and most of all honest. They are the first auto mechanics that I have had, that explains everything in detail and doesn’t make me pay for service/parts I don’t need unless they are necessary. They educate me, inform me and give me honest recommendations. This ‘mom & pop’ exemplifies the true American Spirit of how businesses should run! Joe Davis Autosport will be around forever! No big box or dealerships will ever put them out of business. Our Volvo and Audi are blessed to have them!”

“ I can’t tell you how delighted I am that I found you. I was so disheartened with my car and all the lights coming on, along with other things, that I felt like leaving it on the side of the road. Now that the lights are off, I feel so much better about my car. I even told my insurance agent how thorough and professional you are. You guys are the best!“ Sally Rich

“Thank you very much for delivering the car to our home. This was certainly unexpected, as well as above and beyond the call of duty! We also appreciate the coupon for our next service. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and attention to excellent service. We greatly appreciate it.“ Karen F & Michael Y

“I just wanted to send a message to say thanks for solving my problem with my car last week. So far it’s still running great and I’m confident that the new O2 sensor has resolved the problem. It was a great help to me to have been able to use your loaner car for those 2 days as well! I’ll definitely be back for regular maintenance and any other issues. My girlfriend just bought a “00 9-3 that she will most likely be bringing to you for her service needs as well. Thanks again Nate and Cindy. It was nice to meet all of you.” Sincerely, Keith D.

Thank you so much for the work that you did on our car. You could have really stuck us with quite a bill, but you were honest about what went wrong, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated it. It’s a concrete example of “standing behind your work”. Be assured you’re getting plenty of advertising from this because we’ve been telling everyone the story!!! Thank again, David & Tammy O.

Just to let you know how pleased we are with our first experience at your shop. We are both feeling very good about finding a shop where we can build an on-going trusting relationship. Thanks, Patti & Jim T.

“My wife was very impressed with the way you treated her. Keep up the good work!” -Geoff Nye

Joe & Cindi, ”Just wanted to send you a little thanks for getting me in on a squeezed dayand for all your kind care. It is nice to deal with people when there’s more than just a “business“ connection. You’re good people!” Thanks again–Rosie

“I thought this would be a good time to say ‘Thank You’! We appreciate all you’ve done for us, for your great service and friendly smiles. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Keep up the good work!“ Sincerely, -Patti

“Merry Christmas to the power couple. It is always a joy to see you, and a pleasure doing business with you. Your excellent business reflects your wonderful personalities and your integrity.“ Warmly -The Stuckeys

I travel from Allentown because Joe and Cindi really care about me and my car. Joe takes the time to help me understand my car and it’s needs. They not only educate themselves, but their customers too. They never pressure you. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. – Candy

“Every time I drive my wife’s SUV I think of you. Replaced my XC90’s muffler at a discount shop to save a few bucks. Never Again. Our beloved SUV is loud as a truck due to the cheap Part. As long as I own Swedish cars Joe Davis AutoSport is The only place they will visit, Period.” -John