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Did you know that Henry Ford himself coined the term ‘tune-up’? It was when he was first working on his automotive prototype. His first ignition system may be considered prehistoric today, but it was revolutionary back in his time. Essentially, you had one ignition coil to every spark plug, amounting to four of each. Those four coils and spark plugs would ignite, creating buzzing sounds so Ford knew they were all working. After adjusting to ensure all of those coils spun in tandem with one another, the buzzing sounds would lock in and be ‘tuned.’ Hence, the term ‘tune-up.’ In today’s automotive industry, we utilize the term ‘maintain.’ However, it is much the same as when Henry Ford trademarked that term. Ford utilized the best at his disposal during the time he lived. So, we honor that by passing down that legacy. We ensure our technicians stay educated, and our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are sterilized and primed for optimal performance.