Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Keep Your Car On The Straight And Narrow

Does Your Car Fight For Control?

We can resolve a common question with a simple explanation: wheel alignment. When the wheels of your vehicle are not aligned correctly, havoc reigns supreme. Tires wear down unevenly, causing less traction on the road and presenting a safety hazard for those inside. The uneven facing of the tires causes the vehicle to pull in a direction that isn’t forward, causing the driver to white-knuckle to gain control of the car again. Misalignment can affect how brake pads handle the tires. No matter how you splice the issue, proper wheel alignment is paramount to the safety of the driver, and passengers, inside a vehicle. If only something could help prevent that issue. That is where we come in. At Joe Davis Autosport, we house some of the finest machinery and equipment in the vehicle industry. Our alignment machinery aids us in finding the most accurate wheel alignment point attributed to your vehicle, so your car stays in alignment longer when on the road. Not to mention, our custom-tailored maintenance plans take checking your wheel alignment into account. That means you’ll never fall behind when your vehicle is due for an alignment or adjustment.