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Where Luxuries Are Treated As Necessities

Help! My A/C Isn’t Working!

It is a situation that most drivers dread. The summer is scorching, the sun is bearing down, and the air conditioning system of your vehicle is pumping out lukewarm air. It stifles your lungs. It makes the sweating worse. And the worst part? Without a diagnostic test, there’s no way to figure out what is wrong. What is a driver to do when this happens? Bring your vehicle down to Joe Davis Autosport. That is what you do. Our top-notch diagnostic equipment and ASE-certified technicians can track down any issue with any system in your vehicle, including your heating and air conditioning. Whether the amount of refrigerant needs to be changed or recharged or whether the entire A/C system needs replacing, our expert staff has you covered. For many, having air conditioning or heating in their vehicles is a luxury they attempt to do without for the sake of money, and that is understandable. But, in our auto repair shop? We treat it like the necessity it is. Air circulation isn’t just important to your physical condition. It is important to the car’s condition. That means the longer it goes without functioning, the more damage the sweltering heat–or cold–causes.