Auto Maintenance Myths


Sometimes, vehicle owners lose their vehicle’s owner’s manual. This booklet contains all the vital information on how to care for your vehicle. When you don’t have it, you may be using the common myths and misconceptions about auto maintenance. Joe Davis Autosport in Perkasie, PA has the valuable knowledge and insight about servicing all makes and models. This is where we separate the “real” from the “fake” maintenance rules. The following is a list of the Top 5 Auto Care Maintenance Myths.

Warm Up Your Engine Before Leaving

During the winter months, you may sit in your vehicle in the morning, warming it up. Even though we say we’re “warming up the engine,” it’s more accurate to say we’re warming up the cabin. While cold weather does have an adverse effect on your vehicle, it’s the mechanical parts that are being affected. Not the engine. It might make sense to us that the engine needs this, but it doesn’t make any difference to the engine. When your vehicle is in motion, that’s when and how the mechanical parts are sufficiently warmed. Idling your engine only wastes gas.

Your Vehicle’s Oil Change Should Be Every 3,000 Miles

For many years, that was the standard for all vehicles. But that was a long time ago. Engineers are building engines that are more efficient. Synthetic motor oils are allowing engines to operate at optimum levels for much longer, without needing an oil change. Oil change providers and motor oil salesmen will fully endorse this myth. But Joe Davis Autosport in Perkasie, PA technicians like to follow the suggestions found in your owner’s manual. You should keep our qualified technicians as your go-to oil change providers. We don’t let those old school myths affect your services.

Visiting an Independent Service Facility, Will Void Your Warranty

This myth is just as popular, and just as untrue as always. Sometimes, vehicle owners think that their warranty is only valid if they take their vehicle to the dealer for services. The warranty is meant to cover the same routine maintenance services suggested by the manufacturers. Owners just need to make sure the maintenance services are actually routine services, as opposed to a performance upgrade. Visit Joe Davis Autosport in Perkasie, PA, for any of your auto maintenance services.

Replace All of Your Tires at the Same Time

When it’s time for you to replace a tire, you do NOT need to replace the complete set of four at the same time. Just replace the individual tires as needed. It would be nice to give yourself a fresh look with a new set of tires, but that will become expensive after a while, and unnecessary. Adhere to tire maintenance services like tire rotations and tire pressure checks so that you keep getting your money’s worth out of your tire purchase. Remember that most tires can also be repaired instead of replaced after a puncture.

IT’S ONLY A MYTH: Turning Off the A/C Will Save Gas

Your vehicle does burn fuel faster when you blast the A/C, however, rolling down the window instead does not save gas. If you’re turning off the A/C, you are probably rolling down the windows. It’s only a myth that this is more fuel efficient. The engine works harder when forced to push against the resistance created by the open window. You might as well concentrate on which of them makes you most comfortable, because neither has any real benefit for saving gas. Visit the service experts at Joe Davis Autosport in Perkasie, PA for more information.

Written by Joe Davis Autosport