The Most Expensive Auto Repairs And What To Expect

Large vehicles Can Be Expensive, Here Are The Top Four

Auto repairs can drain your wallet fast. Of course, regular maintenance prevents many problems that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg. Still, life happens, and cars age. Costly repairs occur despite proper maintenance. If you own a car in Perkasie, it's good to be aware of the most expensive repairs.

Engine Cylinders

Repairs cost $7,000 to $10,000

Any engine repair is likely to carry a price tag that makes people wince. That's especially true when cylinders are the problem. Many drivers in this situation buy a new car rather than pay for an auto repair.

Hybrid Batteries

Repairs go up to $6,000

In a regular car, the cost of a new battery might be $150, sometimes a little more. However, hybrid car replacement batteries may mean $6,000 out of your bank account. Moreover, hybrid batteries need replacing every ten years or less. Buckle in for more bad news: It's common for the vehicle's electrical management systems to need replacing along with a hybrid battery. In these cases, the cost of the battery plus system overhaul can bloom past $6,000.


Repairs typically cost $4,000 to $5,000 but can be more expensive

Transmissions work hard and go through a lot of wear and tear. They're complicated systems with moving parts that generate heat and friction. With a repair price tag of $4,000 or more, a faulty transmission often means a new car purchase.


Repairs cost $2,500 to $3,500

Suspensions are complex but give drivers and passengers a smooth ride with minimal jolts, dips, and bumps. When just one part in a suspension system breaks, it can usually be fixed for a relatively low price. The cost of an entire suspension system replacement does get expensive, though.

Be careful if your mechanic says that a spring, tie rod, strut or another suspension system component is broken and claims that the whole system needs fixing. That's one way some shops get customers to pay thousands of dollars they don't need to. At Joe Davis Auto Sport in Perkasie, we offer many auto repair services such as axle, tire, and engine repair. Contact us today about your repair issue or drop by.

Written by Joe Davis Autosport